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 Application Form

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PostSubject: Application Form   Thu Jul 19, 2007 8:10 pm

Copy past the below staning lines in a new topic to make your application.

Char name/class/level: Your ingame name and class/level and is it you main char ?

Age: Your IRL age?

Nationality: Where are you from?

Activity: How often can you raid? How many times/week and when?

Our raiding times is monday, tuesday, wednsday, thursday, saturday and sunday from 19.30 till 24.

Only make an app if you can raid from 19.30-24. Its no use if raid members need to leave in the middle of the raid

Attunements: Are you attuned to karazhan? What about the heroic instances/ other raids instances?

You need too have: Omen, DBM, Debuff, Ventrilo. get it if you don't have it

You need to have a working mic + ventrillo installed? Are you too shy to talk?
well the only thing we need you too do is to listen to the instructions of the raidleaders.

Previous guilds: Who are you previous guilds? And why did you leave?

Previous raiding: experience: Had any previous raiding experience? In old wow or tbc.

Gear: How is your gear and the gear in Bank? Please link to your armory profile so we can check your it, and link the gear from your bank in this forum.

Current spec: What are your current spec? If you are specced for solo farming or stricly pvp, are you then willing to respec to a pve friendly spec?

Other: Anything you wanna add that would make us want to have you in the guild.

If you got any questions then feel free to contact me or one of the officers ingame (just ask a member, then he'll refer you to an officer).

Kind regards Coopix
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Application Form
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