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 Warlords Rules

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PostSubject: Warlords Rules   Thu Oct 25, 2007 7:13 pm

Warlords Rules

As you all know : We are a raiding guild and that means when you get the invite to the guild, you say yes to play with the guild.

We are raiding everyday from 19:30 - ??
except friday evening
Btw. I know that we have this line at the schedule: Invites are added by first come first server but ofcourse we will not take 6 rogues with us so we will look at class what is needed.
BUT: we always have to make the right party so maybe it will not be you even if you signed up first. Cuz maybe you are close dps and that night we are going for range dpsor the other way around. So you all have to be patient and look at forum Smile

Invite start: 19:30 - Going to the summoning stone ( kara )
VT: 19:45 ( if not you will get kicked out of the raid and we will find another one )
Raid start: 20:00

Sign in the forum, dont ask for an invite ingame - all have to sign in: Gm's raidleaders, members - everyone
Invite starts at 19:30, before that have everything ready. Means repair, pots, mana and bread
There is only 10 spot for a raid, so if your not in time we will use a sub instead. It is not acceptable that 9 ppl have to wait. Otherwise /w a GM ( Misdy, Warxila, Velleke or Yodax ) if you are not sure you can be in time.
Always be online even if you are in sub only.


Kick means that you are not accepted to be in this guild. We are only 4 ppl who can kick - the GM's ( Misdy, Warxila, Velleke or Yodax ) and when we are doing it - don't ask why.If we see that ppl are doing the raidinstance at the same day as reset with an onther guild ( pug ) and they are going to get saved there - we kick very fast out of the guild.
If you are rude to other members - and the GM's getting a complain several of times and you do not listen / respond to it - you get a kick.
Don't question about the GM's choises - if you think we don't do it allright /w or send a mail and we respond. Don't use Guildchannel for that.. kick


Be sure that you had dinner before the raid or you can eat infront of your pc while your doing the raid. We will not accept that ppl have to wait everytime - cuz you already know the raidingtime - and thats what you have been signing up for. So don't come with any excuses for that.

Talking while raiding:

When we are raidng dont talk that much on VT when there are raiding tactics - that damn rude to the raidleader. And if u didint agree with the tactics - then /w after the raid and ofc you will get a respond on that.

Best regards

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Warlords Rules
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